Previously announced changes mean that current open registered cabling providers will require additional specialist competencies effective 1 July 2014 if they perform structured, optical fibre and/or co-axial cabling.  Current Restricted registered cabling providers will require an additional specialist competency to perform Broadband (data) cabling work.

Under the new arrangement, cabling providers undertaking broadband structured, optical-fibre or co-axial cabling work must have the training competencies relevant to the specialised cabling work. The new competencies only apply to cabling providers who are undertaking the relevant specialised cabling work within customer premises.  Alternatively, they can perform that type of cabling work under direct supervision of a registered cabling provider that has the appropriate specialist competencies.

Failure to attain the additional relevant competencies does not  mean that the cabler’s registration will lapse. However, a cabler who does not have the structured, optical fibre, or co-axial competencies will not be permitted to install or work on that type of cabling unless  that work is performed under direct supervision of a registered cabling provider with the appropriate specialist competencies.

Please note that f you have previously attained endorsements for Cat 5, Fibre or Co-ax, no additional training is required as they are equivalent to the specialist structured, optical fibre and coaxial cabling competencies respectively.

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