Ok so I thought id write this post in order to help anyone who is looking to work as a qualified tradesperson in Sydney. I’ve spent the best part of 2 years figuring out what to do as there are so many government organisations that do not give out all of the information. Seriously why don’t they just have one place for tradespeople to go and give them all the information.

My situation was - Irish Electrician living in Sydney and had worked here for 3 years

So first of all you will need your qualification from your country of origin  - mine was Electrical from Ireland. You will need a certified copy of your qualification and your training apprenticeship results along with any work references you have, payslips and tax documents while you are at it, you will need them for a visa down the road!

Secondly you will have to go to TAFE NSW – Number for Sydney is 02 92173374 ( equivalent of FAS in Ireland ) and basically sit a crash 6 months course in your chosen trade, after this you will sit an exam and then be issued with a Certificate III if you pass. The cost for this is $1,600, Link is https://www.tafensw.edu.au/howex/servlet/Course?Command=GetCourse&CourseNo=20222

Thirdly you will have to go to the VTT NSW – Number is 02 92668450 and submit your certificate III and they will issue a certificate of proficiency, this is needed to obtain your licence with Fair Work Australia. This takes 4-6 weeks. The cost of this is free. Link is http://www.training.nsw.gov.au

Fourthly you then have to go to the office of Fair Work Australia and apply for a licence in your trade. You will need to submit with your application 12 months work experience in your trade and get a qualified supervisor to sign off on this. Licences in different trades cost different amounts but budget $500 for a 3 year licence which will have to be renewed every 3 years. Link is http://www.fairtrading.nsw.gov.au/ftw/Tradespeople/Home_building_licensing/Licence_classes_and_qualifications.page? This takes 4-6 weeks to receive the licence

After you complete all of the above you will be able to work in Sydney as a licensed tradesperson. I know its a lot to do it is the only way to get licensed if you are not Australian. You can work as an unlicensed tradesperson but you will get less money and most of the work sites over here call for licensed tradespersons. Also if you plan to work for yourself you will need to be licensed.

Hope this helps and if anyone needs more advice leave your email address in the comments